edition November/December 2020

Versus Finality

Zufit Simon explores the changeable body

Zufit Simon, "STRANGE FOREIGN BODIES" © Oliver Look

Christine Matschke
Dance journalist

In his philosophical list “58 Indices on the Body”, the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy writes: “A body is a difference. Since it is difference to all other bodies (...), the body never stops being different. It is also different from itself.” A body is therefore never to be regarded as something given and final. Simply by virtue of its transience it remains constantly in motion – and thus in a state of change. In her movement research “STRANGE FOREIGN BODIES – make thought dance”, choreographer Zufit Simon and her fellow dancers Lois Alexander and Clarissa Rêgo follow up on Nancy. Their most obvious connection to his ideas lies in diverse physicalities they create. Per- ceptual displacements included, to be sure!

Zufit Simon
December 10-13, 2020

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