edition November/December 2020

The Essence Of Fruit

Carlos Aller presents a solo between urban and contemporary dance

Stürzt sich in die Suche nach dem Geheimnis des Lebens: Carlos Aller in "Secreto". © George Anastasakis

Elena Philipp

The “fruit of thy womb” is an abundant old trope wherein a religious exaggeration of motherhood and a strictly bi-gendered image of the body are alluded to. Carlos Aller takes the metaphor literally, dismantles it and reassembles it in his solo “Secreto”, to be performed at the Acker Stadt Palast: “The birth of a human being is the fruit of life.” Yet doesn’t a completely different picture flash before your mind’s eye when hearing these words? That of a tree of life, whose descendants we all are? Carlos Aller is concerned with care and welfare, with growth and the essence of existence. As a member of the Frantics Dance Company (that has a.o. performed at Sophiensæle’s Tanztage Berlin 2017), he tells his story in a stylistic blend of acrobatics, urban and contemporary dance... featuring a basket of fruit as co-performer!

Carlos Aller
November 6-8, 2020
Acker Stadt Palast

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