edition November/December 2020

Like A Crack In The Air

Mor Demer anticipates the unexpected

Mor Demer, "New Rear" © Michiel Keuper

Christine Matschke
Dance journalist

How can something change in the right direction? And what are our expectations and ideas about such a process? How do we, influenced by the idea of continuing development, design what has not yet become and how do we escape into the unknown? In her solo “New Rear”, improvisation lover Mor Demer creates presence and immediately allows it to dissolve again – a sketch made of allusions, a fleeting mental game that eludes categorization. In doing so, she defines the body as an empty, porous vessel that – in search of meaning – is activated, grasped and controlled by unconscious forces. Mor Demer is one of three young choreographers who will be working at DOCK 11 in November and December under the auspices of DOCK ART.

Mor Demer
New Rear
November 27-29, 2020

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