edition November/December 2020

Questions Of Faith?

Jasna L. Vinovrski and Julian Weber at Tanzfabrik Berlin’s Open Spaces

Julian Weber, "Allongé", zu sehen bei Open Spaces der Tanzfabrik Berlin. © Julian Weber

Christine Matschke
Dance journalist

Getting in touch with each other again: this is what the Tanzfabrik Berlin aims to do with its autumn presentation format, Open Spaces – How to get in touch with... Concluding the festival, Jasna L. Vinovrški takes a subtly humorous look at space as a living organism with relationship disorders towards humans. In “Healers”, the choreographer pursues very different healing methods and thus world views on the playing field between clinical and alternative medicine. Where do human beings and nature still matter in their entirety, where are their sufferings symptomatic or where are they themselves regarded as objects? In “Allongé” Julian Weber creates a contemporary perspective on tradition. For his ballet pole dance piece with sculptures, he was inspired by the work of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brânçusi, whose abstract, simple works feature motifs from folk art.

Julian Weber
October 31 – November 3, 2020
Tanzfabrik Berlin / Wedding
Jasna L. Vinovrski
October 31 – November 1 and November 7-8, 2020
Tanzfabrik Berlin / Wedding

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