edition November/December 2020

Vain Struggle For Truth?

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Laura Heinecke & Company, "Fall into place oder was wa(h)r ist" © Bernd Gurlt

Christine Matschke
Dance Journalist

The truth is an inclined plane. At least the press photos of the piece “Fall into place or what (was) is (true)” by the Potsdam choreographer Laura Heinecke suggest this. A metaphor that would be understandable in times of the so-called “new realities” and their complexities that take on most peculiar forms: tweeting presidents, social divisions, Coronavirus conspiracy theories, and so on. In short: A rejection of categorizations on a social level may be appealing, but in everyday life the jungle of daily and increasingly crazy floods of information is causing us a lot of discomfort. Do we find the truth in “staying true to ourselves”, as some suggest, or does what’s really needed amount to constant nego- tiation with one another in a spirit of togetherness? This is only one of the questions that Laura Heinecke and her company pose.

Laura Heinecke & Company
Fall into place oder was wa(h)r ist
November 19-22, 2020
fabrik Potsdam

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