edition November/December 2020

Delightfully Enchanting

Voice dance by Antonia Baehr and Jule Flierl

Antonia Baehr und Jule Flierl, "Die Hörposaune" © Antonia Baehr und Jule Flierl

Christine Matschke
Dance journalist

Choreographers Antonia Baehr and Jule Flierl are taking the absolute claim to the correctness and validity of rational thinking to heart. In their duet “Die Hörposaune” (literally “Audiotrombone”), not even the civilized human being’s most significant asset seems to be sacred to them: Rather than language, they use the polyphony of voice in order to make the polyphony of the world audible. Possessed by strange vocal powers, they turn familiar proportions upside down in a stage design combination of a doll’s house and a chemical laboratory. The synchronicity of sound and image or voice and movement is also thrown off kilter. Oh là là, quelle jolie folie!

Antonia Baehr und Jule Flierl
Die Hörposaune
December 18-21, 2020

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