We’re there for you! Tanzbüro Berlin is on hand to help Berlin dance artists with an extensive range of advice.

Forms of advice offered

The following forms of advice are offered free of charge, the aim being to give the city’s dance artists in-depth information and opportunities to network, and provide newcomers to Berlin with an initial guide to the dance scene:

Counselling hours at Tanzbüro

We offer dance creators a weekly general consultation hour. Consultations are usually held online on Fridays, from 4–6 p.m. In the consultation hours, we are open to questions in a small group about your professional work as a dance maker in Berlin, whether it is about a planned or ongoing project, funding opportunities or other questions in the context of dance. Write to us at the same address if you have questions beyond the group date, and give us a phone number where we can call you back if necessary.

Tanzbüro Consultation: Focus on Einstiegs- (Entry Level) and Einzelprojektföderung (Individual Project Funding)

In a small group we discuss your questions about applications and budgets for project funding from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion with a deadline of 30.06.2023.

Dates: 9/16/23 June 2023, 4-6 p.m. each day via Zoom.

Registration by email to anmeldungnoSpam@tanzbuero-berlin.de

Individual advice

During a one-on-one conversation, we offer an overview of the Berlin dance landscape, the artists, institutions and funding instruments, and are on hand to help with specific questions (possible ways of financing a specific project idea; giving your work greater visibility; questions on your budget, contracts, insurance, etc.). We will be happy to refer you to specialist advisers from our pool of experts. We do not have the capacity to support any specific project during the application process (assistance with texts, funding plans), but will be happy to put you in touch with dramaturgs and production managers.

Individual conversations with panel members

For some years now, we have been cooperating with members of the dance panels commissioned by the Berlin Senate and the Capital Cultural Fund to award entry-level/basic funding and that for individual projects. Roughly three weeks before the application deadlines, artists can take part in 25-minute discussions about specific application proposals.

Tanzbüro workshops

We hold regular group workshops on topics relevant to freelance dancers, and themes which regularly come up during individual advice sessions. Experts in various professions run these workshops on topics such as application writing, budgeting/billing, touring/networking, press/public relations, the Artists' Social Security Fund/insurance, etc.

Peer-to-peer series

Launched in 2017 by the artist Zwoisy Mears-Clarke and carried out in cooperation with Uferstudios, these workshops address everyday, general concerns, questions and challenges related to dance, from the point of view of the artist. Artists share their specific experiences on these topics with the group in a community-building moment.

tandem – Continuing professional development programme

As part of the ERDF projects “Attention Dance” I and II, we introduced the tandem module to prepare prospective production managers and dramaturgs for work on the independent dance scene and offer them corresponding CPD. During a six-month series of seminars, two experienced mentors give them important insights into all relevant topics. At the same time, they are matched with artists, enabling them to step directly into practical work. Ideally, this is designed to produce lasting collaboration on the independent dance scene and increase the number of experts in production management and dramaturgy. From August 2019 to March 2020, what are currently the last two tandem series will be running at the same time, with 60 participants in all. We are, however, already planning the next stage of the programme.

tandem Stammtisch

To accompany tandem, in 2018 a regular Stammtisch was established as a platform for dialogue. Four times a year, participants o all the tandem series and anyone interested in the dance scene meet to talk and network together. Run by the choreographer Lea Moro, each meeting is dedicated to a specific topic.

The next tandem Stammtisch will take place on June 5, 2023, from 7 pm to 9:30 pm, with a focus on ”Creating vs. Staging? – Comparison of Visual and Performing Arts” at Uferstudios Berlin.

Facebook group for discussion and networking

By popular request, we founded the Facebook group Zeitgenössischer Tanz in Berlin – Die Gruppe für Austausch und Vernetzung in 2018 as a means of rapid networking among contemporary dance artists. The group acts as a notice board, for example for people looking for production managers, wanting to share a rehearsal room or find artists for a joint project – or even ask the Tanzbüro questions. To make the entries easier to read, posts advertising performances or workshops are deliberately excluded.

Newsletter & Contact

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Your individual questions can be sent at any time to beratungnoSpam@tanzbuero-berlin.de

Unfortunately, our consulting services are not fully barrier-free. We are aiming to remove existing barriers to increase the accessibility of our program. If you have any special requirements or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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