Free or inexpensive workshops and CPD courses for professional Berlin dance artists.

Tanzbüro Workshop: „Concept Making“

Date: May 30, 2023

Which elements do you need to make a good concept for your next project? On the one hand we ask: How to write down your idea so that others easily understand? On the other hand we think through the…

Floating University Berlin

Every Wednesday from May 3rd to July 19th 2023, from 9-11am

Space for practice is a regular space held by movement practices with and within the outside location of the rainwater retention basin of Floating University Berlin. Led by choreographers and open for…

DIS-TANZ-START: Workshops for Emerging Dancers (in English)

Dates: May and June 2023

Update on the qualification program for emerging dancers.



May 24, 2023 |
10 am – 4 pm


From Dance to Text: Intensive Workshop with Elena Basteri

Date: June 8, 2023

How do I articulate my artistic practice, how do I describe a research project or a future piece? How can ideas be concretized and conveyed to readers who may not be interested in dance? What does it…


Date: June 9 to 11, 2023

Apricot Productions presents ROOTED a new pop-up workshop series designed by us for the Berlin Community. At its ROOT, ROOTED… is about our desire as a community for connectivity and for groundedness.…

[Translate to English:] PLAY – Paul White – Intense Weekend

Dates: June 24 and 25, 2023

PLAY can be a powerful access to surprise and creativity. It can also be a key to letting go of emotional and mental blockages, or a tool to reinvent a practice or process. But what is play really,…

CBS WORKSHOP – Improvisation tools and cross lateral patterns with Chaim Gebber

Dates: June 24 and 25, 2023

We will be working with short cross-lateral movement combinations reinforcing the bridge between the two halves of the brain and creating for the improvisation moments the capacity for ever more…

NIPAI: Physical Action in Performance Making

Dates: August 11–13, 2023

3-day International Workshop by New International Performing Arts Institute (with Ostrenko Brothers). The workshop is open to practising directors of the Physical Theater, Drama Theater, Musical…

Shared Practice

Date: Last Thursday of each month, Uferstudios

Shared practice is a format for dance-makers to try out elements of their artistic practice with small groups of colleagues and other interested people. As a testing ground for new ideas or an…

FELD - Theater für junges Publikum

Kindertanzworkshop: montags, 16:30-18:00 Uhr | Tanzwerkstatt: montags, 18:30-20:30 Uhr

Kindertanzworkshop & Tanzwerkstatt mit Gabriel Galindez Cruz, Jan Kress, Natalia Torales Elizalde: BLICKE FANGEN – Kindertanzworkshop, geeignet für Taube Kinder und Kinder mit Hörbeeinträchtigung – ab…

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