edition November/December 2020

Imaginary Landscapes

Anna Nowicka dreams a clear vision of an alternative reality

Anna Nowicka, "7" © Anna Nowicka

Elena Philipp

Anna Nowicka creates atmospheres in her minimalist, dense works. In “Raw Light” the dancer, psychologist and dream realities’ specialist conjured up the impression of polar darkness, an imaginary landscape that is simultaneously sterile and yet also animated by memories, dreams and wishes. In “Eye Sea” the dark stage space seemed to breathe, forming the fabric of an invisible topography, interspersed with interacting resonances. This time, “7” also presents an intimate exploration of movement that “weaves a subtle pattern of reality from the unknown,” as the announcement states. Images emerge and dissolve, in pulsating light. The energy bundles “into a dance that expresses the very words of change”. In so doing, Anna Nowicka descends into the unconscious with her eyes wide open, unveiling an alternative reality.

Anna Nowicka
November 12-15, 2020

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