edition November/December 2020

Half-Human Aquatic Study

Josefine Mühle swims back to the source of it all

Josefine Mühle, "LOTUS. the child was stung" © Marcus Prinzen

Christine Matschke
Dance journalist

Josefine Mühle is interested in hybrid, interspecies bodies in states of emergency. “A Child has been beaten” is what she called the piece she developed together with Suvi Kemppainen for this year’s Tanztage Berlin on the subject of the dualism of dominance and submission. In November, the emerging Berlin choreographer devotes herself to latent micro-dependencies in her film collage “LOTUS. the child was stung”, which is running online as part of ada Studio’s neworks performance series. Based on psychoanalytical theories, it is a sensual journey to the (pre-human) uterine body and into a world which cannot be consciously remembered and therefore appears fictitious.

Josefine Mühle
LOTUS. the child was stung
November 14-15, 2020
ada Studio (online)

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