edition July/August 2020

Promenading Miniatures

Meanwhile, at HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin

Laura Beschi und Alessio Scandale in "meantime – ein getanzter Parcous" der cie. toula limnaios. Foto: cyan

Text: Christine Matschke
Dance Journalist

Long ago, princes and aristocrats used to escort a select audience through their chambers to gaze at their private art collections and cabinets. A similar exclusive performance format that in contrast to the aristocratic tours is open for the public has now been created out of necessity at the HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin. In “meantime”, company director Toula Limnaios and her choreographic assistant Ute Pliestermann accompany groups of 22 members of the audience in different time windows through a danced course. At different stations in the garden, on the stage and in the foyer, six solos and a duet will cast a special light on the expressive qualities of the ensemble’s members. The collection of dance miniatures already began in April. Toula Limnaios, who had to cancel her premiere “broken mirror”, was eager to continue working and switched to individual rehearsals: “We had to change our whole way of thinking, and do only now see voids, also within the political situation. We can once again challenge ourselves,” she reports in a television interview. Additionally to “meantime”, the energetic choreographer continues to present her program online, for the time being until July 31, 2020.

cie. toula limnaios
meantime – ein getanzter Parcours
August 13-15 and 20-22, 2020
HALLE Tanzbühne Berlin

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