edition November / December 2021

Stimulating Exchange

The new tanzpol festival at Uferstudios

Shirin Farshbaf "Occupied Air" © Amin Heydarifard

Johanna Kasperowitsch and Ashkan Afsharian founded the tanzpol festival as a progressive exchange platform for choreography and performance. The main aim is for young and established artists to meet each other and their audiences. In the first tanzpol edition, which reveals an Iranian focus, the Iranian dancer, theatre-maker and composer Ali Moini is among the guests. In “Man anam ke rostam bovad pahlavan” he interacts with a life-size puppet via a mechanical pulley system. The artist and his double: which of the two is object and subject, actor and observer, follower and leader? In “Occupied Air” Shirin Farshbaf explores her own body under different atmospheric conditions. In “Domino”, Kaveh Ghaemi analyzes the Arab Spring and the Occupy movements as its continuation in the West from the point of view of a contagion. And the Iranian choreographer Hooman Sharifi, who lives in Norway and whose dance biography is influenced by hip-hop as well as ballet, calls for dialogue in “The Dead Live On In Our Dreams”: The more people live on earth, the greater the need to share, to draw closer to each other and to coexist consciously. This is also one of the reasons why the tanzpol festival exists.     (eph)

December 13 - 19, 2021
Uferstudios Berlin

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