edition November / December 2021

Sparkling Role Models

Claire Cunningham shatters perceptios of norms

Tanja Erhart und Claire Cunningham in Cunninghams "Thank You Very Much" © Hugo Glendinning

Welcome to the glamorous, glittering world of tribute artists! Claire Cunningham invites you to a revue with Elvis performers and sparkling costumes. In “Thank You Very Much”, social notions of normality and body image are dissected with relish and entertainment. “Any Way You Want Me (That’s How I Will Be)”, that’s what Elvis sang. The tribute artists are also malleable, imitating their idols (or the idols of their clients) as closely as possible in costume, movement, voice and facial expressions. But: don’t we as everyday performers also imitate social role models and strive to conform to an internalized norm? This is Claire Cunningham’s assumption, and so the Scottish dancer and choreographer asks herself and us some questions: Who do we try to be throughout our lives? And have we chosen this for ourselves?     (eph)

Claire Cunningham
Thank You Very Much
December 3 -5, 2021

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