edition November / December 2021

Performative Meteor Shower

The T.E.N.T. festival is creating its own universe

T.E.N.T.-Festival im Dock11 © T.E.N.T.

The makers of T.E.N.T. have announced their event as a "mega-mini festival of cosmic hustle and bustle": four days with a rich program that "circles the invisible dark matter of a black hole like a meteor shower". Poetic is the self-description, concretely it is about sharing with each other. Evening performances, a performance lottery and a long DJ closing night will be part of the program. The festival is conceived and curated in cooperation of various artists – Caroline Neill Alexander, Layton Lachman, Ivanka Tramp in collaboration with Camila Malenchini are among the creators, as well as numerous other contributors, including the Club for Performance Art. At T.E.N.T., the club is raffling off performative one-on-one encounters with artists such as Alice Chauchat, Liina Magnea and Judith Förster. What will you see? That will be revealed on the day of the event.     (eph)

November 11 - 14, 2021

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