edition November / December 2021

Dancing Space

Company 4RUDE explores the idea of being

4RUDE, "Das Sein – Ruinen" © Patrik Bablo

What is being? What does it look like, how does it feel? This is what the 4RUDE company will be exploring at the Theater im Delphi. Starting from Butoh and the classical Japanese body expression, the founders Hikaru Inagawa and Maco choreograph “body movements that spring from innermost experiences”. At the core of their artistic concept is the idea that space dances through the body and is not defined by physical movement. In their performance “Being – Ruins”, the incomprehensible phenomenon of “being” is to become real through the energy in the moving bodies, through their flow (space) and velocity (time). And 4RUDE are unfolding the phenomenon in all its polarity: between beauty and ugliness, violence and silence, moments of life and death.     (eph)

Das Sein – Ruinen
November 18 - 21, 2021
Theater im Delphi

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