edition November / December 2021

Powerful Sound

Company Christoph Winkler on the female voice

Sarina Egan-Sitinjak in Christoph Winklers "Her Noise" © Gabriella Fiore

A voice is unique: no one else sounds like you. The voice reveals your gender and age, your physical and emotional state. And voice makes you vulnerable: Female utterances are called “noise” or “sound”, are considered “annoying”, their content is dismissed. There is a long cultural history to this devaluation, from Homer’s sirens and Kant’s remarks about the frivolous chatter of women in the next room to the gloating about Hillary Clinton’s voice, which someone is said to have described as an ‘ice pick in your ear canal’. Christoph Winkler and his company address these discriminatory mechanisms in their new production “Her Noise”, which was created in collaboration with the Dortmund Opera and the Viennese art venue WUK performing arts. Together with four voice artists – Lucrecia Dalt, Stine Janvin, Colin Self and Lena Wicke/Aengenheyster (Monster Woman) – the Company Christoph Winkler stages a choreographic concert. In the conviction that in the culturally rejected – the voice of the woman, which, like all forms of subaltern expression, threatens the social order – lies the potential for change.     (eph)

Company Christoph Winkler
Her Noise
December 29 - 31, 2021

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