edition September/October 2021

Creating Hope

David Dawson and the Staatsballett Berlin reflect on a more humane coexistence

Proben zu David Dawsons "VOICES" am Staatsballett Berlin © Yan Revazov

Text: Christine Matschke

“Voices”, a musical message for the future in which people of different ages and diverse backgrounds lend their voices to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was published by the composer Max Richter in the summer of 2020. Inspired by the cinematic soundscape, David Dawson created his ballet of the same name together with the Staatsballett Berlin. The choreographer, who also works at the Semperoper Dresden, sent the dancers on both an individual introspective and communal journey: What does humanity require in the 21st century in order to establish new ways for a more humane global coexistence? The long-awaited Staatsballett premiere will be complemented by a solo work by Dawson from 2017. The focus of “CITIZEN NOWHERE” is, in reference to the realities of refugees, on the condition of the nomadic modern individual. “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was the inspiration here – as a symbol for an ethics of cultivating the heart, so to speak.     (cm)

David Dawson
from September 26, 2021
Deutsche Oper Berlin

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