edition September/October 2021

Uncovering Blind Spots

Ligia Lewis and caner teker challenge world orders

Ligia Lewis "Still Not Still" © Ligia Lewis & Moritz Freudenberg

Text: Christine Matschke

In "Still Not Still", Ligia Lewis tackles the gaps in conventional historiography. Originally planned for April 2021, then shown as a film instead, the choreographer's piece will now be performed at HAU1 as part of Berlin Art Week. In surreal and emotionally charged images full of darkness as well as with abysmal humor, Lewis then extricates the world from its capitalist hamster wheel – a performative lament and a symbolic carrying to the grave of colonially shaped realities. In the same event context, caner teker questions Turkish wedding and dance traditions in " kardeniz". The non-binary artist also incorporates the figure of the "köçek", an androgynous belly dancer and sex worker. (cm

Ligia Lewis
Still Not Still
September 16-18, 2021
HAU Hebbel am Ufer
caner teker
September 17-19, 2021
HAU Hebbel am Ufer

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