edition September/October 2021

A Sculptural Collective Body

bücking & kröger explore the creative potential of gatherings

bücking & kröger "Five" © Katharina Meyer

Text: Christine Matschke

In "FIVE", bücking & kröger set off in search of the most intensive effects of a group. While the two have presented their work as a duo in recent years, they are now expanding their choreographic approach to include other dancers on stage. Within a sculptural group body, (power) relationships between the individual and the community are to be probed: How does one push a common form? And at what point does it come apart at the seams? With movement motifs of packs and mobs, with band postures, geometry and swarm behavior the limit of maximum cohesion is critically questioned – the beginning of an ensemble work that can undoubtedly be regarded as a political one. (cm)

bücking & kröger
September 16-19, 2021
Ballhaus Ost

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