edition September/October 2021

Colorful Transformation

The Potsdamer Tanztage continue

Komplex und kantig: "Elisabeth gets her way" von Jan Martens © Luis Xertu

Text: Christine Matschke

In the fall, the Potsdamer Tanztage, originally planned for 2020 and now extending into December of this year, will dazzle with a program rich in premieres. The performance “Bouillir le vide, un récital” by Martine Pisani will be the prelude: Inspired by Franz Liszt’s invention of the concerto form, the minimalist solo for Christophe Ives celebrates the constant new beginning. The sophisticated angular harpsichord playing of Elisabeth Chojnacka is answered by the complex movements of Jan Martens in “Elisabeth gets her way.” Seven pieces of music by the Polish virtuoso, who died in 2017, form the basis for a layered dance portrait supplemented by interview excerpts. Ensemble highlights in the Potsdamer Tanztage program come from Marco da Silva Ferreira and Eun-Me Ahn: In the energetic choreography “Bisonte,” the bison becomes a symbol of hybrid male-female identities. In “Dragons,” negative Western associations with the mythical creature are transcribed into positive ones via futuristic images – a colorful act of transformation from traditional and contemporary, digitally influenced environments.     (cm)

Potsdamer Tanztage 2021
May 26 – December 28, 2021
fabrik Potsdam

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