edition January/February 2020

Unveiling Softer Sides

Textures in Art at Made in Potsdam

„More Than Things", Emile Pineault, Made in Potsdam © Brin Schoellkopf Softe Skulpturen: „More Than Things" von Emile Pineault © Brin Schoellkopf

Christine Matschke

In this year’s edition of Made in Potsdam, dance literally is getting in touch with other arts. Topics such as sensuality, materiality and intuitive knowledge permeate the genre transcending line-up and are related to the physical body. In a stage setting of soft pink sculptures, the Canadian dancer acrobat Emile Pineault explores the flexible transformational and object-oriented abilities of his performers. Murillo Basso and Anita Twarowska remain true to their relationship to the festival: “Let us stay”, the second part of a trilogy begun in 2018 about interpersonal encounters, is dedicated to the question of how far couples can go for each other. Contrasting carnal vivacity and cool geometry, Julia B. Laperrière and Sébastian Provencher examine the need for fixed classifications and categories and their influence on bodies and living spaces. The festival will be underpinned by an interdisciplinary exhibition that regards art as a physical, sensual process. Also at Made in Potsdam: Young dance makes an appearance with “Spinnen” by deufert & plischke and “ONONON” by Clément Layes, as well as a poetic reading, a nature dance drama rooted in regional literature, a drum performance and a dance film that advocates more cooperation.

Made in Potsdam
January 15 - February 02, 2020
fabrik Potsdam

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