edition Mai-Juni 2023

Time for Change

A curatorial proposal for equality

Long and Wild von Makisig Akin & Anya Cloud. Foto: Rachel Keane and Gretchen LaBorwit, Editing Akin Cloud

Text: Johanna Withelm

Entitled “Emerging Change Prologue”, curators Makisig Akin & Nara Virgens will be presenting artistic works by queer Black people, indigenous people and people of color at the Tanzfabrik - with the aim of actively contributing to the dismantling of structural racism in dance. Long & Wild by Makisig Akin & Anya Cloud is an experimental durational dance performance that seeks to create a queer context for familiar togetherness. The show Hair Pulling (AT) by resident artist Virginnia Krämer is devoted to so-called hair pulling as an individual as well as collective Black behavior pattern. The program will be topped off by workshops by Adrian Blount aka GodXXNoirPhiles and the FemBlack Performance Collective / Virginnia Krämer and Isabel Kwarteng.

Emerging Change Prologue

May 20 - 28, 2023

Tanzfabrik Berlin / Wedding


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