edition Mai-Juni 2023

Music for the Eyes

Rita Mazza explores the composition of visual sound

Matters of Rhythm von Rita Mazza. Foto: Mayra Wallraff

Text: Johanna Withelm

What is visual sound and how are we able to perceive it? In Matters of Rhythm, sign language choreographer Rita Mazza and visual artist Hanna Kritten Tangsoo collaborate to probe the relationship between body, movement, and light. Inspired by Henri Lefebvre’s collection of essays Rhythmanalysis (Rhythm Analysis) and the work of visual artist Christine Sun Kim, Mazza and Kritten Tangsoo explore how the contrasts between circular and linear rhythms define our movements. They investigate how light and movement converge, interact, and in the process produce music made for the eyes. A complex composition replete with visual sound and sign language rhythms will be on display for all to experience.

Rita Mazza

Matters of Rhythm

May 4 - 7, 2023

Uferstudios, Studio 1



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