edition Mai-Juni 2023

A Fragile Crackling

Dance and the Stroke of a Violin, in Dialogue

Crackle / Knistern von Daniela Georgieva. Foto: Marion Borriss

Text: Johanna Withelm

Choreographer Daniela Georgieva, who works across the disciplines of dance, performance, music and visual arts, has created a solo piece for dancer David Kummer. In a dialogue with the violin playing of contemporary jazz musician Julia Brussels, Georgieva and Kummer explore the limits of both the portrait and (their own) authorship. Perceived qualities of dance and music are put under scrutiny when a dancing body becomes a sculpture, and a violin stroke materializes in space. Just how can a resonance be evoked between these disparate elements? For Georgieva and Kummer, the search for an answer is revealed in the fine crackling between body and music, light and space, form and fragility, grace and release.

Daniela Georgieva

Crackle / Knistern

May 18 + 19, 2023




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