edition July / August 2021

Porous Beings

Monika Gabriela Dorniak explores social connections in urban space

Monika Gabriela Dorniaks "The Act Of Doing Makes It Feel Like Becoming" wurde 2019 im Freien gezeigt, in der Kommunalen Galerie Bärenzwinger, Berlin.
Monika Dorniak, "The Act Of Doing Makes It Feel Like Becoming", Performer*innen: Susanna Rydz und Marlon Miguel, Film Still, 2019 © Monika Dorniak

In “The Amplification of Fluctuations“, Monika Gabriela Dorniak and her five dancers explore public spaces: their outdoor performance will take place on a mobile stage in front of the district court in Wedding. Social (psycho)dynamics are of interest to the artist, who is trained in choreography, psychology and fashion design. How do people connect with each other and with their environment? How has this connection changed? Dorniak develops the choreography in an analysis of texts from psychology, philosophy and sociology, which she reads together with the dancers. What boundaries do we need as individuals? To what extent does our permeability or porosity make us a plural, social being? are questions the group poses in the process. Interpersonal interactions are depicted on the physical level; the dancers form a cohesive unit as a choreographed collective body. The movement sequences will be tested „in the studio, urban space, as well as in woodlands,“ as the announcement states. The performance, which is affiliated with Uferstudios, will be presented in front of the district court at the end of August.     (eph)

Monika Gabriela Dorniak
The Amplification of Fluctuations
August 26 – 28, 2021
In front of the Amtsgericht Wedding

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