edition July / August 2021

Gathering Place

Tanznacht Berlin 2021 will be held in and around Uferstudios

Moritz Majce und Sandra Man reisen für Ihre Stadt-Performance "Aeon" mit ihrem Publikum von Brache zu Brache.
Moritz Majce und Sandra Man reisen für "Aeon" mit ihrem Publikum von Stadtbrache zu Stadtbrache. © Dieter Hartwig

Tanznacht Berlin 2021 is happening!, exclaims the Tanzfabrik Berlin with joy. The central venue for the “gathering place for the scene” will be the open air lounge in the courtyard of Uferstudios. The installation “No Hard Feelings” by Julian Weber will be showcased there, with videos of the 18 dancers who performed in his gallery in February. There will also be music: the PSR collective will host a silent party with headphones; the artistic duo Critical Techno will read theoretical positions in and from techno music; Netta Weiser will implement a radio choreography piece; Martin Hansen will perform with his Rita Klaus Band; and Sisterqueens, a platform for rap by girls from Wedding, will put on a show. Tanznacht programming will also take place beyond the confines of Uferstudios: Sandra Man and Moritz Majce will travel along wastelands in the city with their audience; Alix Eynaudi and Alice Chauchat will present a collaborative work at the Wedding cultural venue Wiesenburg; and choreographer Liina Magnea will be using the Panke River as a stage. Studio performances include works by Ötvös Kinga, Dewey Dell, Roger Sala Reyner, the choreographer duo Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi, and a durational performance by Jen Rosenblit. (eph)

Tanznacht Berlin 2021
July 21 - 24, 2021

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