edition July / August 2021

A Look Behind The Work

The SUBMERGE Festival 2021 encourages an exchange of ideas

Schnee und See auf dem Foto zum Submerge Festival 2021
Submerge Festival 2021 © Shai Faran

This year’s SUBMERGE Festival is dedicated to the creative processes behind productions performed. How does a performance become what is seen on stage? How does the setting in which it is presented influence the way it is perceived? According to Artistic Director Marcela Giesche, the idea behind the festival is to promote greater solidarity in the way artists share and experience each other’s work. At Lake Studios, a month is being dedicated to doing just that. Workshops with Meg Stuart, Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion, David Bloom, Maya M. Carroll, Mette Edvardsen and Areli Moran, among others, will provide insight into their work. For the dance audience, the artists can be encountered in the form of performances: In “All the way around,” choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart crosses paths with jazz musicians Doug Weiss and Béla Meinberg. Saida Makhmudzade will be exploring movement as an event that triggers memories. And in “The Fraternity,” Emmilou Rößling will weave a time-space narrative with Rachell Bo Clark and Tarren Johnson where audiences can, rest a bit and spend some quality time together. Local dance professionals can apply for the festival‘s free workshop program.     (eph)

SUBMERGE Festival 2021
July 5 – August 7, 2021
Lake Studios Berlin

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