edition July / August 2021

Glocal Guest Performances

Tanz im August presents Berlin‘s international dance scene

Dorothea Munyaneza zeigt "Mailles" beim Internationalen Festival Tanz im August 2021
Dorothea Munyaneza "Mailles", Tanz im August 2021 © Leslie Artamonow

How do you create an international festival when global travel has come to a halt? Tanz im August no longer defines the global as a question of where one lives, but rather as the global cultural knowledge that an artist brings with him or her. Therefore, in addition to European companies, international artists who live in Europe or preferably Berlin are being invited in 2021. Dorothea Munyaneza will be coming from Marseille, presenting five women at the Volksbühne in “Mailles” – women who have inspired her as an artist and who are connected by their stories “of adversity and resilience,” as the announcement states. Choy Ka Fai, a recurring Tanz im August guest, will be presenting his installation “CosmicWander: Expedition” at KINDL in Neukölln. For his long-term project, the Singaporean artist, who lives in Berlin, traveled through Asia in order to familiarize himself with spiritual practices and shamanic dance cultures. As in recent years, Tanz im August will also increasingly be focusing on public spaces. Among others, the Gardens of the World in Marzahn, where Constanza Macras will be showing her “Stages of Crisis”, and the emerging art center, MaHalla, in Oberschöneweide, where Stephanie Thiersch will be performing.     (eph)

Tanz im August – 33rd Internationales Festival Berlin
August 6 - 22, 2021
HAU Hebbel am Ufer u.v.m.

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