edition May/June 2021

Flexible Interaction

... at the soundance festival berlin at Dock 11

"returning – revisited" von und mit Nitsan Margaliot.
"returning – revisited" von und mit Nitsan Margaliot. Foto: ade-daproductions

Christine Matschke

“Are there movements that have no origin in any dance tradition, do not tell stories, do not link to everyday movements, do not convey any emotional meaning, and are neither typical of any age nor gender-specific?” asked a reviewer on the occasion of the opening performance at TECart Dance 2020 – Festival for New Media and Dance in Heidelberg. Howool Baek oversaw the choreography she discussed (and was thrilled by), titled “Foreign body_trio”. The Berlin-based choreographer will also perform at this year’s soundance festival berlin dedicated to improvisation, for which she is ideally suited thanks to her long-standing collaboration with composer and sound designer Mathias Erian. Featured on screen will be a pioneer of spontaneous speech sound and movement creation, Julyen Hamilton, together with double bassist and performer Giorgios Kokkinaris. Other artists interested in the exploratory exchange between contemporary dance, music and improvisation will be performing in the cross-format ten-day program, which will flexibly navigate through the pandemic – and take place live, as live-stream or as a walk-in screening.   

soundance festival berlin 2021
June 9 - 19, 2021

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