Foto: Dirk Bleicker

Tanzcompagnie Rubato explores the power of doubt

Text: Johanna Withelm

For more than 35 years, Tanzcompagnie Rubato has been contemplating social conditions and developments and translating them into choreographic compositions. With their new production ZWEIFEL (DOUBT), they are responding to the current situation, which is marked by several accumulating spheres of crisis, and endeavor to reinterpret the negative power of doubt as a creative source. In so doing, the nine dancers recreate a miniature version of society in which permanent processes of negotiation are taking place: Between action and reaction, joining or opposing, deciding and then rejecting, a dance-choreographic experimental arrangement develops in which doubt is accepted as a productive state of uncertainty and produces new spaces of possibility.


Tanzcompagnie Rubato


October 11-15, 2023

Uferstudios Berlin, Studio 14


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