Foto: Kruger van Deventer

A new piece by Constanza Macras / DorkyPark will see its premiere in Berlin at the Volksbühne

Text: Johanna Withelm

Constanza Macras’ new production The Visitors is the continuation of a collaboration with many of the young South African dancers from her successful production Hillbrowfication. The Visitors features images of violence and horror that are danced, questioned and subverted by 15 dancers. Based on slasher horror films, a subgenre of horror cinema in which teenagers are threatened and killed en masse, the performance questions the construal of the monster as the Other, touching on themes such as the state-orchestrated demolition of family structures during apartheid and the persistence of a colonial legacy of bureaucracy and corruption. As usual, Constanca Macras processes such explosive content in an excessive and absurdly humorous manner that simultaneously corresponds to the aesthetics of slasher films.


Constanza Macras / DorkyPark

The Visitors

September 22-24, 2023

Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz


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