edition September-Oktober 2023

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"AUS/GEFUCHST" von Gabi dan Droste. Foto: Sabine Große-Wortmann

The FELD Theatre celebrates its fifth birthday!

Text: Johanna Withelm

The contemporary theatre for young audiences at Winterfeldtplatz in Berlin is not only celebrating its fifth birthday, but also its civic engagement, without which the venue would have never had a future. As part of the scheduled events, Frl. Wunder AG will be inviting audiences into a landscape of primeval stones and sparkling minerals in their object theatre performance Es ist ... ein Stein! (It is...a stone!). Furthermore, Gabi dan Droste will be delving into the fascination with foxes in her musical dance and poetry performance AUS/GEFUCHST, while the children of the Fri-X-Berg Youth Art School will be presenting an exciting exhibition about wild animals, including an auction. The FELD Theatre will dedicate its birthday present to the 15,754 citizens who have made it possible to save the theatre with their signatures and will be holding an interactive political rally on the subject of saving houses and living democracy with Wer wagt, gewinnt: Rettet das Theater! (Those who dare, win: Save the theatre!). A festive dinner and the open FELD stage for all will conclude the celebrations.


 Five years of FELD Theatre / Festival for 15,754

September 14-30, 2023

FELD Theater für junges Publikum



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