edition Juli-August 2023

Dance at the Spree river

"Tirana" von Luísa Saraiva. Foto: Diana Tinoco

The Breathing Rivers summer festival at Radialsystem probes the human relationship to nature and water

Text: Johanna Withelm

The four-day Breathing Rivers festival at Radialsystem explores possible intersections of art, indigenous knowledge, activism and scientific research. In her performance Frontera / Procesión – Un Ritual de Água and the video installation Água es Futuro!, choreographer Amanda Piña tackles the loss of cultural and biological diversity on our planet; Lina Gómez will present her new work Vagarosas, which is inspired by the alpine landscape as a metaphor for strength, movement, endurance and determination; and in her immersive sound choreography Tirana, Luísa Saraiva examines the limits of the female voice. The stage program will be complemented by the River Talks discourse series featuring critical reflections on the impact of bodies of water from a geopolitical and profound ecological perspective.


Breathing Rivers

July 20 - 23, 2023



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