edition January/February 2022

Swinging Equipment

Getting things moving at the Made in Potsdam 2022 festival

© Jonas Zeidler

From mid January, the Made in Potsdam 2022 festival will feature a strong reference to objects. Inspired by the myth of Sisyphos, Hermann Heisig has three performers conduct repetitive physical activities: Carrying objects back and forth, building something up and taking it down. Repetition can also be beautiful, “Happy Sisyphos” tells the audience from the age of 6. In “Done and Dusted” by Joshua Rutter, two performers and a musician transform a squared dance floor into a canvas and play with the emergence and disappearance of sounds, bodies and things. The audience can wander around the happenings to view them from different perspectives. Maren Strack imbues kitchen utensils with a life of their own: In “Frauen am Herd – das Pilzgericht (“Women at the Stove – The Mushroom Meal“) the utensils cling to the apron dress of the dancer, who in the course of the performance becomes a grotesque cooking utensil sculpture, transforming cheese graters and trays into rhythm instruments. Anna Huber, Anna Massoni and the tanzkompanie golde g. unleash energies in space in their works; Steven Koglin and Lukas Schapp are influenced by parkour, slackline and movement in urban space. In 2022, Made in Potsdam will be branched out into the visual arts with an exhibition at the museum FLUXUS+. (eph)

Made in Potsdam 2022
January 12 – 27. February 27, 2022
fabrik Potsdam, Kunstraum Potsdam / Waschhaus, museum FLUXUS+

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