edition January/February 2022

Environmentally Aware

Tanzfabrik Berlin reviews its OPEN SPACES format

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Sergiu Matis: "DRANG" © Philip Ingman

With the start of a new executive team, Tanzfabrik Berlin will be tackling intense questions starting in 2022: How should an art institution position itself in times of climate change? How can diversity, accessibility and a distribution of power and resources be ensured in one’s own institution? The OPEN SPACES presentation format, which has been showcasing the works of artists associated with the Tanzfabrik since 2014, will also be put to the test. At radialsystem, two works are opening up a larger stage: in “Drang” Sergiu Matis defends himself against the impositions of capitalism. According to the announcement, an increased environ- mental awareness becomes the driving force on stage. Milla Koistinen, Paul Valikoski and Ladislav Zajac relate nature and urban space to each other. In their installation “Terrain”, a single spectator experiences a guided walk through an unknown landscape. The relationship between man and nature is also the focus of the live installation “In Return” by Sandra Man and Moritz Majce. It is set partly in the Uferstudios and partly in Wedding’s urban space. Christina Ciupke and Boris Hauf show a new edition of past collaborations. And in “No More Suffering” Kareth Schaffer and Martin Hansen use intense physical effort to explore whether making art and suffering are inextricably linked. (eph)

February 18 - 28, 2022
Tanzfabrik Berlin / Wedding, radialsystem & weitere Orte

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