edition January/February 2022

Fruitful Opposites

An interplay of repetition and differences at ada Studio

Leila Patzies und Bláthin Eckhardt in der Performance "Why death was just death". Eine Performerin in weißer Kleidung bewegt sich am Boden, eine zweite Person schaut ihr dabei zu.
© Coralí Maluquer

The unifying and detaching forces of body and sound are the focus of this year’s first issue of NAH DRAN, which is also available online. In “funky serenade” a metronome sets a constant beat, and dancer Jung Sun Kim and double bassist Clara Gervais seek to discover loopholes in this ticking, endless loop. In their game of repetition and difference, they generate rich counterpoints. In “The Core”, Lena Reyle and Johanna Seiler enmesh voice and body in a spontaneous dialogue until song and dance merge into a common movement. The three-part performance evening for Berlin’s young choreographic talent is supplemented by a project on depression and death. In “Why death was just death,” Leila Patzies and Bláthin Eckhardt will put the audience’s perception to the test, incorporating excerpts from the novel “Tokyo Blues” by Haruki Murakami. (cm)

22. und 23. Januar 2022 live, 24. – 27. Januar 2022 als Stream
ada Studio / online

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