edition November-December 2022

A Vibrant World

Laura Heinecke pleads for more acceptance

„HERTZ“ von Laura Heinecke & Company. Foto: Jennifer Rohrbacher

Text: Christine Matschke

Laura Heinecke’s work “HERTZ” is dedicated to our larger and smaller surroundings as a resonant space. The world, according to the Potsdam choreographer, consists of vibrations. She has been exploring the many facets of this concept in collaboration with practitioners from the fields of theory and body practice – an experiment with wavelengths, pitches, vibrations, intensities and rhythms that penetrate right into our very cells. Does greater awareness of our own vibrations lead to greater permeability, empathy and flexibility? And if so, how might we best engage with others, with ourselves, with life? Merely confronting adversity with resistance can hardly be the solution. A healthy process might be including more acceptance on all levels of dance. 

Laura Heinecke & Company
HERTZ – Die Welt ist Schwingung
November 10-12, 2022
fabrik Potsdam

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