edition November-December 2022

Boundlessly Good

Das NO LIMITS Festival feiert 10-jähriges Bestehen

Monster Truck & Plattform-K, „Das Narrenschiff“, zu sehen beim Festival NO LIMITS 2022. Foto: Michiel Devijver

The NO LIMITS Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary

Text: Frana Kisch

The NO LIMITS Festival for Disability and Performing Arts 2022 will open with the production “The Ship of Fools” by Monster Truck & Platform-K, featuring people with disabilities telling stories about themselves and their experiences. In the form of a banquet, the performers refuse to continue playing the roles imposed on them by society – in ambivalent starkness. Alongside the live performances, as a consequence of the pandemic and in order to provide access to less mobile visitors, there will also be an extensive program in the online venue HAU4. With “DIS_move”, an online work by Saša Asentić and Alexandre Achour with Tanzerei and Per.Art & Guests will be presented, in which the audience designs a kind of screen choreography through the selection of video works available online. Also viewable online is the cinematic portrait “HandStimmeHerz” (“HandVoiceHeart”) by Shut up and Sign*Speak, created in collaboration between deaf and hearing artists.

NO LIMITS Festival Berlin
November 9-19, 2022
HAU Hebbel am Ufer, RambaZamba Theater, Theater Thikwa, FELD Theater für junges Publikum u.a.

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