edition November-December 2022

A Counterpoint To Infernal Chaos

Body-based knowledge at Encounters – Embodied Practices

Mit klarem Blick auf das Chaos der Welt: die Künstlerin und Choreografin Martha Hincapié Charry. Foto: Phil Dera

Text: Frana Kisch

As a part of the praxis and dialogue format Encounters – Embodied Practices, radialsystem will be turning the traditional notion of knowledge production on its head, that is, focusing on the body. In several workshops, the body-based practices of various cultures will be shared, creating space for a different approach to knowledge through collaborative experience. Starting unusually early in the morning, Brazilian choreographer Thiago Granato will present “Moving Through Emergencies,” a format of encounters inspired by indigenous Txucarramãe rituals. This also raises the question of how bodily knowledge can be sustained. In her format “foRest – slow medicine”, BIPoC artist and choreographer Martha Hincapié Charry invites us to pause and, in the infernal chaos that surrounds us, to set a counterpoint to the chaos of capitalist production. The fact that precisely this ability to take a pause without fear is often a privilege of white bodies will be illustrated by Hincapié Charry in the interweaving of bodily practices with socio-political structures.

Thiago Granato | Martha Hincapié Charry
Encounters – Embodied Practices
November 19-20, 2022

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