edition May-June 2022

Yielding Hybrid

Folk dance – digital and analog – at DOCK 11

Irina Demina "KLOF. Cyberographies of folk". © Illustration: Irina Demina (Fotos) & Yaron Maïm (Computeranimation)

Text: Christine Matschke

Irina Demina initiates a pioneering Pas de deux in collaboration with David Samu. Entitled “KLOF”, this project brings together a choreographer with experience in folklore and an expe­rienced computer scientist in explor­ing the possibilities for cooperation between human and non­human bod­ies in the context of dance. In the per­formance “KLOF. Cyberographies of folk”, a dancer enters into dialogue with an interactive artificial intelli­gence that is capable of choreograph­ ing dozens of synthetic folk dances. If folk dances suggest how societies are traditionally organized, then what kinds of togetherness does a re­com­position of familiar dance vocabulary have to offer? Can we transform the deeply ingrained bodily practices and often hierarchical (gender) relations associated with folk dances into more liberated forms of communality? On the heels of “AcT II” (2020) and “Per­petual Myth” (2021), Irina Demina’s interest in technology and tradition is continued with this work.

Irina Demina
KLOF. Cyberographies of folk
May 12-15, 2022

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