edition May-June 2022

Tours Leaving Trails

Cranky Bodies a/company traces forms of protest

Wandert von Berlin an die polnische Ostsee: „Terrestrial Transit“ von Peter Pleyer und Cranky Bodies a/company. © Michiel Keuper

Text: Christine Matschke

Choreographer Peter Pleyer has a pen­ chant for connections that may not be obvious. The impetus for this artis­tic interest ‚in process‘ came in 2014 with the piece "Visible Undercurrent", which traced developments in dance from the 1980s to that time. With his open ensemble concept, Cranky Bodies a/company, Pleyer has now been researching the question as to what it means to work as a company in the 21st century since 2020. His latest piece, "Terrestrial Transit", sug­gests: It‘s about a temporary perfor­mative bundling of interdisciplinary artistic and autobiographical expe­riences even beyond conventional theatre venues. It‘s about convey­ ing covert dance knowledge into the public sphere and thus enabling par­ticipation. In two cinematic formats, "Terrestrial Transit" combines a cho­reographic migration from Ponderosa, the space for artists in Stolzenhagen, to the Polish Baltic Sea, along with a living archive of forms of political protest in the tradition of Polish and Hungarian dance and performance art, linking them with live improvised practices. All enough material to tour the city and country for four months after a kick off weekend at Sophien­sæle.

Peter Pleyer – Cranky Bodies a/company
Terrestrial Transit
June 3-4, 2022

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