edition July-August 2022

Western Misconception(s)

The SENSE program series examines the dichotomy between sense and feeling

"The Pressing" von Dani Brown bei SENSE am radialsystem © Daniel K.B. Schmidt
"The Pressing" von Dani Brown bei SENSE am radialsystem © Daniel K.B. Schmidt

Frana Kisch

Thinking is not feeling – this traditional distinction is deeply rooted in Western culture. As part of the SENSE event series at radialsystem, this power relationship is re-examined within “geographies of perception,” pursuant to the subtitle: What happens when sensory experience is accorded a new status? SENSE invites us to simultaneously scrutinize our own patterns of perception and permeate the social mechanisms of coexistence. Three world premieres will take place as part of SENSE: Kasia Wolinska takes the posthumously released album “Piano and A Microphone 1983” by the singer Prince, who died in 2016, as the starting point for her choreography “KISS”. Perspectives on the term “CUNT” beyond vulgar one-sidedness are covered by Dani Brown in her piece, entitled “THE PRESSING”. And “Æffective Choreography” by André Uerba takes a slower, more tactile approach to intimacy as a practical method of coexistence and being together.

SENSE. Geografien der Wahrnehmung
July 28-31, 2022

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