edition July-August 2022

Determined By Artificial Intelligences

GPT-3 writes a text for gamut inc and Ruben Reniers

Ruben Reniers / gamut inc. "Over the Edge Club" © Christopher Voy
Ruben Reniers / gamut inc. "Over the Edge Club" © Christopher Voy

Frana Kisch

Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? In “Over the Edge Club” at the Theater im Delphi, these questions are situated in a techno-futuristic setting. And what happens when artificial intelligences write a libretto to these questions? gamut inc are taking this risk and letting GPT-3, currently the highest standard in the field of language AI, create a text for them. Together with Berlin dancer and choreographer Ruben Reniers, who mutates into a human avatar, the retro-futuristic music machine of graphic designer Marion Wörle and musician Maciej Śledziecki embarks on a journey into psychedelic spheres of the perhaps not so distant future.

gamut inc | Ruben Reniers
Over the Edge Club
August 26-27, 2022
Theater im Delphi

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