edition März-April 2024

The Power of Love

"Iza Hawa" von Ali Chahrour. Foto: Carl Halal

The ten-day Love Is a Verb festival at HAU

The interdisciplinary dance, performance and music festival Love Is a Verb is dedicated to love as an act with inherent political power. For the duration of the festival, HAU1 will be transformed into a “Vessel of Love” in which diverse ideas about transformative relationships can be shared, discussed and celebrated. The works presented will focus on questions of togetherness as a community — far removed from preconceived illusions of romantic togetherness: How can current concepts of family, romance and age be reimagined? And what ambivalences must be endured in order to transcend social concepts of love? Works by Ali Chahrour, Calixto Neto, Isabel Lewis, Ivo Dimchev, Ligia Lewis, Wen Hui and many more will be on the program. (jw)


Love Is a Verb

April 12-21, 2024




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