Foto: Pippa Samaya

ada Studio launches a new performance series

neworks — Aesthetics of Access is a new performance series by ada Studio, curated by Liisi Hint and Maria Ladopoulos. It will exclusively present works in which accessibility for disabled, deaf and/or chronically ill viewers is an elementary component of the artistic concept. Dancer and choreographer Dasniya Sommer and martial artist and poet Fungi Fung kick off the first edition with SPK — the Sommer Phuong Komplex. Based on Sommer’s sports injuries and Fungi’s clinical bipolarity, they explore the relationship between the “sick” individual and society as well as between dance and mixed martial arts, and develop a performance format of aesthetic accessibility for people with and without disabilities. (jw)


neworks - Aesthetics of Access #1: SPK – the Sommer Phuong Komplex

March 15 + 16, 2024 (stream online March 18-21, 2024)

ada studio & stage for contemporary dance


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