"Capturing you | Fictional Politics of Movement" von Ana Liborio. Foto: Alipio Padilha

Unfinished Fridays at Lake Studios

The monthly recurring performance series, Unfinished Fridays, in which dance artists showcase their current work at Lake Studios, is an integral part of the Berlin dance scene. The core idea of the series is that of supporting the artistic process through work-in-progress performances and direct feedback. In the march edition, choreographer Cathy Walsh, who combines dance, improvisation and playful conversations, dancer, choreographer Malika Lamwersiek, who navigates between hip-hop, popping, house and breaking and explores different forms of movement with a focus on textures and isolations of the body, and Ana Liborio, who explores the intersection of performance, millennial video games and visual art, will all be taking part. (jw)



Unfinished Fridays V. 107

March 22, 2024

Lake Studios



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