edition März-April 2024

Between Strength and Failure

Foto: Boris Seewald

Tatiana Mejía celebrates her premiere at Radialsystem

Where’s the balance between inner strength, self-assertion and failure? In her solo performance SWAY, presented as part of the :LOVE: collaboration between Tanzfabrik Berlin and Radialsystem, choreographer and performer Tatiana Mejía explores the intrinsic value of failure. With the interaction of dance, live video projection and sound, Mejía confronts the mainstream archetype of the strong Black woman and probes the various levels of self-perception and prejudice. Based on historical systems of oppression, the piece deals with the superwoman syndrome and operates at the interface of “contemporary” and Afro-diasporic movement language and music. (jw)


Tatiana Mejía


April 4-7, 2024




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