Kostenfreie/-günstige Workshops und Weiterbildungsangebote für professionelle Berliner Tanzschaffende.

Jaw Release Workshop with Angela Lamprianidou

Several workshop sessions starting from February 22, 2020

One of the most important parts in our skeleton is the jaw where the smallest articulations of movement can have such a complex impact throughout the whole body. To explain this complex relationship…

Peer-to-Peer Workshop #7 - Kleine Katastrophen, oder "Eltern Sein" ist Keine Kunst

Termin: 2. März 2020

Workshop zu Herausforderungen, Ängsten und Chancen, die mit Elternschaft und Kunstschaffen zusammenhängen.

THE TUNED MOVER - from Alexander Technique into clarity in movement and improvisation

Workshop date: 2 to 6 March 2020

The workshop is led by Valentina Bordenave.

transposition reverse – Performance project with Michael Langeneckert at marameo Berlin

Several workshop dates starting from 8th of March 2020

Our society is dominated by working life and is completely geared towards it. Performance and success are paramount. The view is always forward. Growth is the magic word and is considered the most…

The Flying Score – Workshop by Scott Wells

Termin: 16th - 17th of May, 2020

Workshop in Contact Improvisation, flight patterns and fluid acrobatics.

Angebote für Tanz und Bewegung im exploratorium berlin

Verschiedene Termine von Februar bis August

Das exploratorium berlin bietet von Februar bis August verschiedene Kurse im Bereich Tanz und Bewegung an.

FULL DROP workshops by Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir

Workshop on several dates in January, March & May (starting from 25th of January)

A practice grounded in bringing the physiological, emotional and psychological states of the body together.

The workshops I conduct are an introduction to the sensation and state-oriented practice…

Free workshop - WORK OF HOPE

Workshop date: every Monday from January 6th to March 30th

An opportunity to get involved in a new research project with Mobile Dance.

ODDS of ODISSI by Manishikha

Weekend dance sessions starting from November 2019

The sessions are designed to enable dancers, actors or any movement practitioner to learn the basics of a specific Indian classical dance form called Odissi.

Morning Moves - Yoga Flow and Gaga/ people classes

Weekly classes (starting from October 2019)

Come and join us in the early morning to start your day energized with Yoga Flow and Gaga.

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