edition Januar-Februar 2024

Being on the road in oblivion

©Giovanni Lo Curto

A collaborative work by LUNAPARK and Kai Pichmann on the loss of memory and identity

How can life manage to be successful just at the moment when forgetting is taking hold? The production ALZHEIMAT (another place) explores the changes, crises and coping strategies triggered by a loss of identity due to dementia. In an open working process, author Kai Pichmann, director Ron Rosenberg and choreographers Nikos Kalyvas and Kosmas Kosmopoulos, together with ten performers - six dancers and four amateur actors over the age of 65 - have explored the symptomatic juxtaposition and succession of remembering and forgetting, of rebellion, hope, hopelessness and acceptance. The result is a journey into past histories and dormant futures - into the worlds of those who are on their way to another realm in oblivion. (jw)


Kai Pichmann, Initiative LUNAPARK

ALZHEIMAT (ein anderer Ort)

January 6-7, 2024




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