edition Januar-Februar 2024

Circling birds of prey


An interdisciplinary group performance at the Ackerstadtpalast

The dancer and choreographer Aloísio Avaz, the artistic director of the English Theatre Daniel Brunet, the artistic director of the Ackerstadtpalast Anete Colacioppo, the composer Vinicius Giusti and the light and sound collective MXM have come together to create Urubus a multimedia musical dance theater piece. They drew their inspiration from the book of stories of the same name by Brazilian writer Carla Bessa: The book title Urubus refers to a bird of prey that feeds on waste and carrion. Featuring choreography based on the circling flight of birds of prey and hypnotizing light, video and sound elements, they explore the sensations evoked by this feared bird and question the image of a “society of vultures”. (jw)


Avaz, Brunet, Colacioppo, Giusti & MXM


January 19-21, 2024




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